Sadiq Khan Calls for Internet Censorship

Using death threats to stand for “hate,” Sadiq Khan calls for tech companies to manipulate people through social media.

When Sadiq Khan calls for censorship of all non-globalist opinions, he doesn’t admit what he is after. In this case, he uses death threats he got from Twitter. Death threats violate Twitter’s terms of service and they’re probably illegal. But Khan doesn’t advocate that tech companies enforce their own rules. Instead, he uses their failure to do so to pressure them to grab new power over people’s conversations.

Business Insider reports, “The mayor of London read racist tweets about himself during SXSW as a plea for Facebook and Twitter to stop hate speech.

At the annual SXSW festival in Austin on Monday, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, made a moving plea for tech companies to take on hate speech.

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During his talk, the mayor read racist tweets about himself.

“I say kill the mayor of London and you’ll be rid of one Muslim terrorist,” Khan read aloud. “I’d pay for someone to execute Sadiq Khan.”

Khan, the first Muslim mayor of a Western capital city, said he read the half-dozen tweets or so not to “be portrayed as a victim” or “ask for sympathy,” but to “illustrate that big tech has further to go in making the internet free of hate speech.”

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