Sad! Moore Pathetically Babbles on About Trump….Again

Michael Moore is a sad, sad little fellow….well, maybe not so little.

Moore went on another nonsense rant about President Trump, claiming that he’s a “narcissist” and “sociopath.” Yeah, I would call someone names too if I was jealous of their success….NOT! I’m an adult. Clearly Moore isn’t.

The liberal filmmaker wrote a letter to supporters on, which is one of the holding “alternative anti-Trump” event, opposite of the State of the Union Address.

“Donald J. Trump has proven himself to be completely unfit for office, a threat to our country, and an imminent danger to the world,” Moore wrote, “He is not well; he is a malignant narcissist and an active sociopath. And because he holds the codes to fire nuclear weapons, he is a singular threat to humanity.”

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The Hill reports: 

Moore, who has made such comments before while criticizing Trump, is slated to participate in the “People’s State of the Union,” an event featuring several Hollywood celebrities known for their anti-Trump views, including Mark Ruffalo, Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Perez.

The event, which Ruffalo described as a populist alternative to the president’s address, will be a ticketed gathering in New York City on Monday, the night before Trump’s address before Congress.

Moore wrote Saturday that “our problems go far beyond one sociopath president.”

“The mission that we are on and the work that we must do is to tear down the rigged system that produced Trump in the first place,” Moore added, “We must imagine the America that we want to live in. We must create the post-Trump America.

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