Russian TV Mocks CNN’s ‘Blockbuster’ Exclusive on the ‘Most Powerful Man in the World’ [VIDEO]

“So powerful, he rigged the American election,” says the narrator of an over-sensationalized, hyped, over-the-top ‘documentary’ about Vladimir Putin, the “most powerful man in the world.”

This is what propaganda looks like. They mix enough truth in to give it credibility, but the active ingredients are fear and paranoia, triggered by their use of dramatic music to get your heart rate up as you’re watching it.

The intent is not so much to inform viewers about the history of Vladimir Putin, which I’m sure would be interesting, but rather to reinforce the narrative that Putin himself rigged the U.S. election to install Trump, a man whom the media claims is controlled by Putin.

“Putin views Trump as an ‘apprentice,'” Putin biographer Masha Gessen noted of the two world leaders’ relationship, ironically referencing Trump’s reality show.

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“Vladimir Putin was not a fan of Hillary Clinton,” according to narrator and host Fareed Zakaria. And editor of The New Yorker David Remnick chimed in:  “Of course Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to lose. He hated Hillary Clinton.”

That might be true, but it was hardly a one-way street. Even in CNN’s “blockbuster” “documentary,” they air clip after clip of Hillary Clinton trashing Vladimir Putin.

“He was a KGB agent. By definition, he doesn’t have a soul.”

“He’s a very arrogant person to deal with.”

“We have to stand up to his bullying.”

“He is somebody who will take as much as he possibly can.”

Zakaria pushed the narrative that Putin rigged our election as payback for Hillary Clinton’s 2011 comments criticizing Russia’s own election-tampering. He personally ordered a hacking campaign, simply “because he holds a grudge,” according to CNN.

Not surprisingly, RT mocked the documentary:

If you want to spend 43 minutes of your life watching the documentary about “The Most Powerful Man in the World,” here it is:

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