Russian Foreign Minister says Russia-U.S. Relations Better Under Bush!

So much for the “Russian Reset,” huh?

In an interesting and revealing interview with Bloomberg News, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov admitted that the Russian reset was an “invention of Hillary Clinton” and the Obama administration!

In fact, Lavrov pushes into even deeper and more controversial territory when he implies that U.S.-Russia relations were better under the Bush administration.


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“Well, if you take the original reset, it was not our invention, it was the invention of Hillary Clinton and Obama administrations because with their predecessors, George Bush Jr., Vladimir Putin had very good personal relations.”



This is the kind of thing that the Republican candidates for President should be shouting from the rooftops. While President Obama and his team of cronies attempt to spin their failures into victories, Republicans should be reminding everyone that while President Bush may not have been popular with the masses, his administration was respected by our friends and enemies alike.

I am not arguing that everything was hunky-dorey under President Bush; it most certainly was not. The Bush administration made a lot of mistakes and his foreign policy made us few friends – but at least the world knew where we stood. They didn’t have to wonder about what the Bush administration was planning or what the Bush team thought about the unfolding world events around them.

Another example of this came right from the mouth of President Obama just this week. The President was discussing our relationship with Israel and the difficulties that our governments have had working with each other in recent years.


“When I’m with Bibi, we have good conversations,” Obama told Israel’s Channel 2. “They’re tough, they’re forceful — we disagree, but I enjoy jousting with him. I do.”

The interviewer seemed to question Obama’s claims about his relationship with Netanyahu, saying the president’s “jaw was locked” during one seemingly tense meeting.

 “Oh, no,” Obama said. “I think I was probably just hungry and waiting for lunch.”

He added: “I think that so often these issues get framed in personal terms because it’s easier.”


The President tried to play off any personal issues that the two leaders might have by saying that the friendship between our two countries was still strong.

“There’s no doubt that Prime Minister Netanyahu and I come from different political traditions and have different orientations,” Obama told Channel 2. “But part of what’s been valuable about the U.S.-Israeli relationship is (that) it is deeper than any individual leader or any particular government. That won’t change.”


Honestly, I racked my brain in an attempt to think of any nations that we have better relations with now then we did before. I came up with a few, but you probably won’t like them – Iran, Cuba, Venezuela…

For all the talk of “smart” diplomacy, all we’ve had from the Obama administration has been double-minded rhetoric and political failure.

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