Russia Strikes Back against Congressional Sanctions

No one should be surprised that Russia strikes against us, but let’s pray they don’t do more.

Notice that when Russia strikes back against the U.S., no one in the media criticizes Congress. Only President Trump is held responsible for provoking a backlash.

Russia has an economy about the size of Italy’s. Other than the last resort of nuclear weapons, they are not any kind of threat to us. For that reason, it is stupid and irresponsible to increase tensions with them.

Most Americans believe we’re sanctioning Russia for “interfering” in our election. If there is any truth to that, it is not what most people think:

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NPR reports, “Russia Retaliates for Sanctions Approval, Hitting At U.S. Diplomatic Corps.

Stung by new American sanctions, Russia’s Foreign Ministry says the U.S. must downsize its diplomatic and technical staff in Moscow and other cities. The ministry is also suspending the U.S. Embassy’s use of two sites — a storage facility and a dacha on an island in the Moscow River.


The ministry says the U.S. has until Sept. 1 to cut the number of its staff at the Moscow embassy and at three consulates to match the exact number of Russian diplomats who are working in the U.S. — 455 people, according to the ministry’s announcement.

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