Russia Accuses US of Election Interference

Contrary to media reports, accusing the US of election interference is not “shocking” at all.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia claims that the United States government is engaging in election interference. The Western establishment media is quick to point out that there is no evidence of any such operation, though we’ve been investigating our own President for the last year without any evidence.

The media also pretends that accusing the U.S. Government of election interference is some kind of incredible claim. But we openly admit that election interference is our practice!

Here’s former CIA director James Woolsey admitting it is our practice to Laura Ingraham:

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The Sun reports, “Look Who’s Talking? Now Russia accuses US of election meddling as minister claims Washington is trying to sow chaos to bring down Vladimir Putin.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told a leading Russian news agency the US has tried to destabilise his country ahead of this month’s vote.

But Vladimir Putin’s loyal sidekick did not offer any kind of evidence to back up his shocking accusation, Reuters reported.

Russians will cast their votes on March 18 and polls show President Putin is currently miles ahead of his political opponents.

Now Ryabkov has said Moscow has evidence the US has been trying to interfere in the ballot […].

The Interfax news agency quoted Ryabkov as saying America was trying to sow chaos in Russia and that new US sanctions were aimed at destabilising Russia.

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