Rush Limbaugh says Ted Cruz isn’t Cheating, He’s Winning!

On Monday’s episode of the wonderful Rush Limbaugh show, the eponymous host (who has long defended both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz) argued that Donald Trump supporters were wrong about Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX). Rush said that he’d been hearing from many Trump supporters that they felt as though Senator Cruz was cheating and was “stealing” the nomination away from their candidate. However, Rush had news for these folks

Cruz isn’t cheating. He isn’t “stealing” the nomination. The Texas Senator is simply doing what he is supposed to do as a candidate for President.

Rush: This morning on the Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, the guest, the Trumpster.  During a discussion about Trump’s loss at the Colorado Republican convention, Ainsley Earhardt — by the way, congratulations to her for getting the gig.  Did you hear about this, Brian?  I know you’re a big Ainsley Earhardt fan.  Mitzi should know.  Just kidding. 

Ainsley Earhardt started out at Fox doing little bits for Hannity, the news updates at the bottom of the hour, and now she is the female anchor of Fox & Friends.  Anyway, they’re talking here to Trump, and Ainsley Earhardt says, “Over the weekend you lost the state of Colorado, and you tweeted about it. You said you were angry. You said it was unfair. Why do you think that?”

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Donald Trump:  In the Denver area and Colorado itself they’re going absolutely crazy because they weren’t given a vote.  It’s a crooked deal.  And I see it.  And honestly I see it with Bernie, too.  I’ve gotten millions more votes, millions, not just a couple, millions more votes than Cruz.  Now they’re trying to pick off those delegates one by one.  That’s not the way democracy is supposed to work.  You know, and they offer ’em trips, they offer ’em all sorts of things.  What kind of a system is this?  I’m an outsider and I came into the system and I’m winning the votes by millions of votes.  But the system is rigged, it’s crooked… 

Rush:  It’s not rigged on the Republican side.  This is just the establishment taking advantage. You know, what they’ve done is fake everybody out here.  And look, this is multileveled here, to get an idea of what’s going on.  The establishment has had everybody looking at rule 40, for example.  I mean, there have been all kinds of leaks in Politico.  I mean, the last series of months we’ve had story after story about how supposedly the establishment is panicking, and the steps that they’re going to take to try to stop Trump.  And we hear about maybe a third-party candidate that we’ve never heard of being nominated on the floor in a brokered convention.  Everything. 

But the one thing that nobody leaked, the one thing that nobody had a heads-up on was how Cruz was going to go into all of these states and arrange to get most of the delegates. We’re talking second and third ballot here.  On the first ballot the delegates — for the most part…

So I don’t see Ted Cruz lying and cheating his way to the convention.  I see a lot of hard work.  I see some people who know what they have to do, given where they are.  They’re in second place in both the vote count and the delegate count.  They’re serious about winning.  The Cruz team is serious about winning.  They have made themselves fully aware of how the process works, and they’ve been out working it for quite a while.  They went into Louisiana where Trump scored a massive win but they’ve come out of there with many more delegates than, by appearances, they should have. 

Ted Cruz had goals.  He worked the problem ’til he got the result he wanted.  What he’s demonstrating, folks, he’s demonstrating he knows how to work himself within this insider labyrinth.  He knows how to navigate it.  He knows how to work it.  He knows how to turn it to his advantage.  You have to look at this and say, “Okay, what does this tell us about Cruz, if he should become president?”

Rush is spot on in his analysis. Yes, Donald Trump won the most important part of some of these races – the popular vote – but then he and his team failed to do the leg work and get their delegates seated at the Convention. The Cruz campaign worked hard to get their delegates chosen for the convention, which means if Donald Trump can’t win the nomination outright before the RNC in Cleveland, then Senator Ted Cruz will very likely win the nomination on the second ballot and become the next GOP nominee for President.

It’s not cheating. It’s not stealing. It’s playing by the rules and following through with the process.

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