Rudy Giuliani Says – “I’ve never met a person… I disrespect more than Charlie Crist”

Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani was recently in Florida stumping for Governor Rick Scott (R-FL). Or maybe he was in Florida STOMPING on Charlie Crist (D-FL).

In what has to be the most excoriating political attack I’ve ever seen – the America’s Mayor gave a short retelling of his history with Charlie Crist (and boy was it entertaining). Giuliani ripped Crist for his hypocrisy, his dishonesty, his naked pursuit of power… it was really something to behold.

See for yourself.

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Partial transcript….

When I first got to know Charlie Crist, he was the Attorney General of Florida. He was a Republican, he was a conservative Republican, he was a MORE CONSERVATIVE Republican than I was!

rudy-giulianiI was with him during the 2007-2008 Presidential campaign. He was a fierce opponent of Barack Obama. He was someone who felt that Barack Obama was pretty close to a socialist, that Barack Obama was completely unqualified to be President of the United States…

He told me several times that Hillary would have made a better President than Barack Obama even though Hillary would have made a terrible President…

This was a man who wasn’t just middle-of-the-road sometimes a Republicans sometimes a Democrat. This was a committed strong very right-wing Republican…

This is a man that doesn’t know how to keep his word, I have met a lot of people in politics… I’ve never met a person in politics that I disrespect more than Charlie Crist.

He’s a joke! He’s a joke!

A highly conservative right-wing Republican, who I would say was completely opposed to Barack Obama in every respect. Has now become his biggest supporter, he may be his only supporter!  … Why doesn’t he [Crist] bring Barack Obama here to campaign for him? Where are you Mr. President?

Now Charlie Crist wants the job that he ran out on, he wants it back… The people of Florida should say we’re to intelligent for that. This isn’t about Republicans, this isn’t about Democrats, this isn’t about liberals, this isn’t about conservatives – I mean Charlie’s been all those things! It isn’t about any of that – it’s about what’s good for Florida.


HatTip to Javier Manjarres and the Shark Tank for getting this great video.                    

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