Rubio Is Confused About Roy Moore and a Senate Ethics Investigation

Not distinguishing between accusation and conviction, Senator Marco Rubio is confused about why Republican are voting for Roy Moore.

A story about the Senate ethics committee shows that Senator Marco Rubio is confused. He says that, if Roy Moore wins, the Senate committee’s investigation will be “complicated” by the fact that voters know the accusations against him.

What do the accusations have to do with Senate ethics?

The question is: Are the accusations true? It may be that the Senate will have to admit that they can’t determine what really happened a generation ago. But, until someone calls witnesses and obtains sworn testimony, we can’t know.

McClatchy reports, “Election of Roy Moore could test boundaries of Senate ethics committee.

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The accusations against Moore involve incidents that took place long before he even ran for the Senate. Under its jurisdiction, the committee can “investigate allegations which may reflect upon the Senate.”

“What internal standards and rules is the Senate going to set for behavior that predates the Senate and answering the question of whether that brings dishonor on the Senate?” said Stephen Spaulding, chief of strategy at Common Cause, a citizen advocacy group.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said an ethics investigation would be complicated because the voters of Alabama are making their decision with full knowledge of the accusations against Moore.

“And if they elect him and then you as a Senate have ethics hearings to remove him from office or something like that, that gets more complicated,” Rubio told Fox News.

It almost seems like people are getting ready to drop the whole issue if Moore wins—like the accusations are only of interest if they can keep him from winning the election.

Read the entire McClatchy story.

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