Roy Moore’s Wife Roasts McConnell: ‘He’s not a Leader’ and ‘Should Step Down’

Kayla Moore, wife of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, spoke out about the attack on her husband and showed her support for him at the “Women for Moore” event.

She reassured that she, and the community, still fully support Moore despite the false accusations against him. Kalya said, “The people of Alabama understand what’s going on here. My husband, Judge Roy Moore, is fighting for the people of Alabama and has been fighting for over 30 years.”

She stated that the same entities that tried to sabotage President Trump’s campaign are now attacking her husband.

Breitbart reports:

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In an interview that aired Friday on OANN, Kayla Moore, wife of embattled former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, defended her husband and discussed his Alabama U.S. Senate race against Democrat Doug Jones.

Kayla Moore declined to answer questions about reports that her husband engaged inappropriate behavior or sexual misconduct in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

They are not the truth, she said, “They’re allegations and I don’t want to talk about allegations.”

Kayla also called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and backed her husband’s call for the RINO to step down. He is not doing his job, and continues to rag his feet on important matters.

She said, “He needs to step down, because he is not a leader and he’s not doing his job. And the people are tired of Washington not doing its job and not representing the people of Alabama and playing a game.”

Later in the interview, Moore touted her husband’s character and love for America.

“That he’s honest and that he’s godly and that he loves his country,” she replied. “He fought for his country in Vietnam. As I said in my speech earlier today, he’s an officer and a gentleman. And you can always count on him to tell the truth.”

OANN Trey Yingst closed his interview with Moore by asking her if her husband had been “completely honest” in his statements about the “allegations.”

Kayla confidently  replied, “As I said, he always tells the truth.”

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