Rosie O’Donnell Tries to Bribe GOP Senators: ‘No Sh*t, $2 Million Each’

Rosie O’Donnell may have just committed a felony in attempting to bribe GOP senators!

The “comedian” spends her time crying on Twitter and lashing out at the GOP at every given chance. On Tuesday she took to blasting Senators Susan Collins and Jeff Flake about the new GOP tax bill.

 O’Donnell tweeted to Collins, “Susan – 2 million dollars cash. Call if [you] want to negotiate. Do u think your family is proud of u @sennatorcollins,” she added, “woman – mother – grandmother – sister – daughter, [you] have betrayed us all.”

Her rant ended with, “Dear god ask for forgiveness, redeem ur soul tomorrow ” and a photo of Collins with her family.

The Hill reports: 

O’Donnell, a frequent critic of President Trump and Republican lawmakers, in a tweet earlier Tuesday promised to give $2 million in cash to Collins and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) if they voted against the GOP plan.

O’Donnell tweeted again, “If they vote ‘no, no I will not kill Americans for the [super] rich,’” she added, “No shit. 2 million. Cash. Each.”

O’Donnell then attempted to tweet directly at Collins, although she used an incorrect Twitter handle, telling the senator to call her if she wanted to “negotiate” the $2 million offer.

Collins and Flake both voted for the bill, which has been criticized as a boon for the wealthy and corporations, pushing it through the Senate early Wednesday morning.

The House also voted to pass the bill, but will have to vote again on Wednesday because of two provisions that the Senate said did not comply with budget rules.

It is illegal to offer money to public officials with the intent to influence official acts, like voting on a bill, but it is unclear if O’Donnell’s tweet was meant as a serious offer.

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