Rosie O’Donnell Disgusted by CIA Tactics but Put in Her Place by the View Co-host

Rosie O’Donnell is no stranger to controversy… but she may have met her match when it comes to the “torture” debate.

She recently flew off the handle about the recent Senate “torture” report and was probably not expecting much pushback, but that’s exactly what cohost Nicolle Wallace gave her!

Rosie was of course arguing that the CIA was evil and that the “tortured” terrorists should be freed because Republicans are evil… but that’s when Wallace stepped in to add some logic and honesty to the conversation.


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WALLACE: And I think–of course. I mean listen, reliving the things that the government had to do. You know, after 9/11 I worked in the White House. I was in the building, I was evacuated and I remember the guards saying to me take off your shoes. I said what? They said you can run faster if you take those shoes off. And you know what kind of shoes I wear, they’re not that high. So I took off my shoes and I ran up Connecticut Avenue and I remember calling my dad and I said they think the fourth plane is coming for us, I love you. And my dad tells the story in a much more emotional way than I remember it.

Nicolle-Wallace-Rosie-ODonnell-feudI was sort of, it was like covering my bases, logistics. I called mom and dad. So I went running up Connecticut Avenue and in the months and days after 9/11 the debate in this country and the debate in the White House where I worked wasn’t whether or not we would get hit, it was which city was next. So my family’s from the San Francisco Bay area and I have some friends here from there now. I told my mom and dad stop driving over the bridge, you’ve got family in the Bay area. Stay off those bridges. 

O’DONNELL: You were very afraid after 9/11. All of us were. 

WALLACE: The whole country was. 

O’DONNELL: All of us. 

WALLACE: And I think that the way this divides the country today is people either feel that the actions that the government took, and listen, the last three days I’ve been asked about this a lot in this job and in my other job at MSNBC and I have never had more people call me and thank me for defending the men and women of the CIA who were simply doing their jobs. 

O’DONNELL: And I’ve never had so many people call me to say thank you for saying the other point. 

WALLACE: Let me just finish I didn’t interrupt. 

O’DONNELL: So I just want to put that out there. 

WALLACE: So both sides of the debate I think are being adequately represented here. But to the men and women who were simply doing their jobs, and for them this was traumatic. And I don’t think anyone is defending brutal tactics. That’s why they don’t happen anymore. But I have never been more proud to defend the people who walk the line for this country and this city and the city in which I worked, the city where my mom and dad lived–. 

O’DONNELL: Well, I’m sorry you feel the ends justifies the means. But I don’t think Machiavellian techniques is really the foundation of democracy in America.


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