Rose McGowan Lashes Out at Meryl Streep for Harvey Weinstein

Saying he committed crimes rather than merely disrespect women, Rose McGowan lashes out at a prominent Weinstein fan.

When Rose McGowan lashes out at Meryl Streep, she is probably lashing out at virtually everyone in Hollywood.

Streep, as shown in the video above, referred to Harvey Weinstein as “God.” She says she didn’t know about his predatory behavior, but she has publicly applauded Roman Polanski.

In Hollywood, who didn’t know about Weinstein?

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The Daily Mail reports, “‘IT’S A F****** CRIME’: Rose McGowan hits out at Meryl Streep’s toned-down description of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations after Oscar winner called them ‘disrespectful.’

Rose McGowan hit out at Meryl Streep on Friday, after the Academy Award-winning actress characterized the Harvey Weinstein accusations as simply ‘disrespectful’.


Streep […] called the allegations against Weinstein ‘the most gargantuan example of disrespect’ permeating every industry.

McGowan appeared to take issue with Streep’s language, saying in a tweet on Friday that it should have been stronger.

‘No Meryl, IT’S A F****** CRIME. You are such a lie # ROSEARMY,’ McGowan said.

This isn’t the first time that McGowan has criticized actresses for their response to the Weinstein scandal.


A day after the Times story was published, McGowan tweeted that she was disappointed in the silence from actresses who had worked with Weinstein.

‘Ladies of Hollywood, your silence is deafening,’ McGowan wrote.

Streep, who has worked with Weinstein on several films, was among the actresses who stayed silent right after the first Times story was published.

But she did finally issue a statement a day after Weinstein was fired, saying she had no idea about his years of sexual misconduct.

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