Ron Paul Mocks the GOP Establishment Fairytale of a 3rd Party Run

I believe that the chatter about an establishment-run third party will turn out to be nothing. The Bill Kristols of the world will most likely just support Hillary, who could easily have run as a Republican anyway. This election is yet another for the continuation of the status quo.Ron Paul

The GOP establishment and the conservative wings of the party have both been entertaining the idea of recruiting a candidate for a possible 3rd Party run, but the honest truth is that this possibility is far-fetched at best. Former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) explained that there was little-to-no possibility that the establishment would actually support a 3rd Party run. Instead, it is far more likely that the establishment will spend some time whining and moaning and then finally come around Trump and offer him their support.

Dr. Paul is likely correct. While ideologue conservatives may indeed remain #NeverTrump, it is far less likely that the establishment will remain opposed to his candidacy. While conservatives have several deep divides with the candidate over important areas of philosophy, the establishment has no such problems with Trump.

In fact, the only problem that the GOP establishment could claim to have with their candidate is that he’s a bit of a wildcard, and the establishment isn’t sure they’ll be able to control him. At the end of the day, the establishment will realize that they’re better off with the Trump that they’re unsure of than the Clinton they know they’ll hate.

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