Ron Paul Endorses Paul Broun of Georgia for Congress!

A few weeks ago I had the unique opportunity to interview one of my personal political heroes, former (and hopefully future) Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA). I will gladly admit that my interview was not conducted in an “unbiased” manner; I am personally endorsing, supporting, and pulling for Rep. Broun to win his primary race against the incumbent Doug Collins (R-GA). We need more men with the fortitude and bravery to stand on principle, like Paul Broun, to be leading the way in Washington, D.C. Moreover, we need fewer RINO, establishment moderates like [score]Doug Collins[/score] working with the powers that be against average citizens.

Earlier this week, another conservative icon, Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX), spoke out and announced that he too would be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Congressman Paul Broun. Dr. Paul joined his son, Senator [score]Rand Paul[/score] (R-KY) in offering his full-throated endorsement for Congressman Broun and in asking every Georgian to support Broun’s campaign in Georgia’s 9th District.

Today, Dr. Paul Broun, conservative Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District, received the endorsement of former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

“During my last few years in Congress, I knew I had an ally in Paul Broun,” said Paul. “Paul has spent his life serving others, whether as a physician or serving in Congress. I am pleased to endorse Paul Broun to the U.S. House.”

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“It’s a huge honor to be endorsed by my good friend Ron Paul,” said Broun. “Ron has been a pioneer in the Liberty movement and, like me, he never caved to Establishment pressures. Many times in Congress, Ron and I stood as the only two people voting no on bad, unconstitutional, big-government bills. I’m proud to have his support and hope to return to Congress to continue fighting for small government and Constitutional principles.”

Ron Paul joins a growing movement of conservatives rallying behind Paul Broun’s campaign including Senator Rand Paul, Georgia Right to Life (GRTL), the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), and the Eagle Forum of Georgia. 

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