Ron Paul Agrees with Donald Trump – Elections are Rigged!

Former Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) recently made some pretty shocking comments while appearing on Fox News. In his remarks Paul said that he agreed with Donald Trump about something. This was shocking because Paul has been a vocal and strident opponent of Trump’s candidacy (to be fair, he’s been a vocal opponent of almost all of the mainstream presidential candidates from both parties).

However, once you understand what he agrees with Trump on, things become clearer…

From Ron Paul’s Liberty Report:

I agree with Donald Trump that elections are rigged, but for very different reasons. I believe that they’re rigged to make sure that only establishment candidates win, which is always the result. The establishment will change the rules midstream if necessary. But Trump has a problem with the delegate system itself. If he wins the popular vote, he should win the state. Well, Al Gore won the popular vote against George W. Bush. Should he have been President instead? The issue isn’t so much the rules in place, or delegates or the electoral college. The problem is that the establishment will change the rules in the middle of the election to get the results that they want.

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