The Role of Government and How Progressives Really See Themselves!

Progressives to paint themselves as public servants and they promote their jobs as champions of the people.

In the latest installment of the Freedoms Disciple show, Jonathon brings you another four topics based on principles:

1 – How Progressives really see themselves
2 – Responding to Facebook on Capitol Hill
3 – Foreign Policy update on Syria & China
4 – Update on young Alfie Evans (U.K.)

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Show Highlights

How Progressives Really See Themselves

Progressives love to paint themselves as public servants and they promote their jobs as champions of the people. Last week Michelle Obama dropped some truth and revealed that government is actually your parent and their job is to tell you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time. It’s time to have a conversation about the role of government.

Responding to Facebook on Capitol Hill

You may have seen FB was in the news a lot last week. My personal newsfeed was filled with people loving politicians like Ted Cruz and Ben Sasse “getting” FB. I don’t understand Conservatives being happy about a government “getting” a privately owned company. I wonder would my timeline be filled if the politicians were Democrats and the company was like Chick-fil-A. What is the role of government and is government our parent?
On a personal note – Did you find any irony in politicians who constantly violate the 4th amendment lecture a private company about privacy?

Foreign Policy Update on Syria & China

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Our world is times that we are going to see a LOT of change and sadly many people today are not discussing the change. America’s media is focused on either attacking or defending Trump or talking about Stormy Daniels. I believe it is important to discuss two countries that are going thru major changes.
Firstly we have seen the news about Syria attacking their own citizens with chemical weapons. Do you know who the actors in Syria are? Is it worth getting involved? Does the Constitution have a role to play? Secondly, China are major players in discussions with North Korea – but do you know China is going back towards a dictatorship and is banning the Bible?

Update on young Alfie Evans (U.K.)

Last week I shared a heart-breaking story of Alfie Evans from the United Kingdom. Over the last week, there have been many updated and none of them positive. The biggest update is his parents want to discharge him from the hospital and bring him to a Vatican linked hospital in Rome, but the hospital is not allowing it. Things got so bad last week, that police told him if Alfie father went to discharge him, he would be arrested for assault.
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