Roger Stone Warns Trump Not to Meet with Mueller: ‘It’s a Suicide Mission’

Roger Stone, formerly a campaign advisor for President Trump and also a longtime friend, gave a warning for Trump while speaking with Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham.

Stone said that Trump should not meet with, nor be interrogated by special counsel Robert Mueller, under under any circumstances. He claims that talking to Mueller’s investigators would be a “suicide mission.”

Obviously, Stone continued, Trump is confident in meeting with Mueller because he is innocent, “he knows he’s done nothing wrong.” What does he have to hide?

However, Stone knows better, and feels strongly that Mueller is setting up “an obvious perjury trap.” If you know anything about Democrats and how they have attacked Trump thus far, it has been nothing but lies and accusations.

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“[Mueller] is taking advantage of the presidents loquaciousness,” Stone said.

Fox News Insider reports: 

Stone, formerly of the Washington firm Black, Manafort and Stone, said Mueller and company are trying to find a way to “entrap” Trump in a “process crime.”

He dismissed the advice of former Justice Department official John Yoo, who said Trump should meet with Mueller to finally put an end to the whole special counsel probe.

Stone ripped Yoo as a “neocon” and a “Bush-ite,” and predicted that similar advice is being given to Trump from other sources as well.

He said one of the most obvious ways the public can see that Mueller’s probe is “partisan” is to compare the lack of media outrage over the missing months of Peter Strzok’s texts to the missing 18 minutes of Nixon White House tapes.

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