Roger Stone Reports FBI Collusion against Him

There is now evidence that might mean there was FBI collusion with Russian nationals to frame the Trump campaign.

Was there FBI collusion with Russians to entrap the Trump Campaign?

There is new evidence that might mean there was FBI collusion with Russian nationals to frame the Trump campaign. Roger Stone and Michael Caputo had forgotten about a weird character with a Russian accent who wanted two million dollars for information he claimed to have on Hillary Clinton. According to ALL versions of the story from every side, they refused to pay anything.

But the FBI somehow knew about this Russian and there is evidence he had worked for the FBI! Naturally, the mainstream media presents this as more evidence of Russia collusion and denigrates the evidence of FBI collusion!

The Washinton Post reports, “Trump associate Roger Stone reveals new contact with Russian national during 2016 campaign.

Stone and Caputo, who did not previously disclose the meeting to congressional investigators, now say they believe they were the targets of a setup by U.S. law enforcement officials hostile to Trump.

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They cite records – independently examined by The Post – showing that the man who approached Stone is actually a Russian national who has claimed to work as an FBI informant.

Interviews and additional documents show that Greenberg has at times used the name Henry Oknyansky. Under that name, he claimed in a 2015 court filing related to his immigration status that he had provided information to the FBI for 17 years. He attached records showing that the government had granted him special permission to enter the United States because his presence represented a “significant public benefit.”

There is no evidence that Greenberg was working with the FBI in his interactions with Stone, and in his court filing, Greenberg said that he had stopped his FBI cooperation sometime after 2013.

Greenberg, in text messages with The Post, denied that he had been acting on the FBI’s behalf when he met with Stone.


The meeting took place two months earlier than federal officials have said a counterintelligence operation was officially opened and before WikiLeaks began releasing hacked Democratic emails.

It came in the same time period as other episodes in which Russian interests approached the Trump campaign. A few weeks earlier, Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos was told in London that the Russians had dirt on Clinton. And it was two weeks before the sit-down between Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer […].


Stone and Caputo’s interactions with Greenberg mean that at least 11 Trump associates or campaign officials have acknowledged interactions with a Russian during the election season or presidential transition.


It is not clear how seriously investigators are taking the Florida meeting. Caputo said that prosecutors during his interview seemed to have intense interest in the interaction as well as the role of Greenberg.

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