Robert Redford Blames America for Trump

America rejecting the liberal statism of Robert Redford can only mean that we have lost our moral foundation.

The public life of Robert Redford has been premised on his moral superiority and his generation’s supposed advancement over all other generations. Specifically, he knows that traditional America was guilty of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and oppressive sexual attitudes. Now along comes Trump who never apologized for anything!

To Redford, Trump must seem like a young, radical blasphemer against all that is holy! (Remember: Redford is older than Trump.)

The Daily Mail reports, “‘He’s our fault’:Robert Redford blames Donald Trump’s presidency on the country losing its ‘moral foundation’ and slams congress for thinking the American people are ‘dumb’

The 81-year-old actor, who is promoting his latest film -Our Souls at Night- lamented the fact that the discourse in America today has gotten so toxic, it created room for a figure like Trump to emerge as a plausible President.


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‘I’m not so interested in blaming him; that’s being done enough by others. I’m more interested in: How did this happen?’

‘We’ve lost our moral foundation,’ Redford continued, ‘which allows us to go this far over. So I don’t blame him. I just think he is what he is. We’re the ones who let that happen. We should be looking at ourselves.’

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