Robert Mueller Is Still Targeting Trump

Robert Mueller has indicted only Russians so far. Alan Dershowitz and others have pointed out that the DOJ could have done this without a special prosecutor.

While Robert Mueller has only charged Russians, he is obviously still going after Trump’s team.

Robert Mueller has indicted only Russians so far. Alan Dershowitz and others have pointed out that the DOJ could have done this without a special prosecutor.

But just because Robert Mueller has not indicted any American for colluding with the Russians doesn’t mean he’s not going to do so. And he still might fabricate an obstruction charge.

Dershowitz also points out that no verdict has been proven yet. By rushing to agree with the indictments that Robert Mueller has made, Republicans might be setting themselves up for the day he indicts a member of Team Trump for colluding with those Russians.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, “Mueller, pushing to wrap up parts of Russia probe, faces question of American involvement.

The special counsel has yet to offer any conclusions about whether Trump or his associates worked in concert with the Russians, a question he was tasked to examine.

Former federal prosecutors noted that investigators often approach a case as if it has the concentric circles of a target – starting with the larger circles and moving inward.

“It’s standard practice to start at the outside of the misconduct and work towards the center,” said David Kris, who oversaw national security matters at the Justice Department in the Obama administration. “Depending on what other evidence Mueller has, it might start to look like the walls are starting to close in on the president and his closest associates.”

In announcing the latest indictment Friday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein noted that no Americans have been charged with assisting the Russian interference and urged the public not to make assumptions about that part of the investigation.

“In our justice system, everyone who’s charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. It should go without saying that people who are not charged with a crime also are presumed innocent,” Rosenstein said.

As the probe has spilled over into a second year, Mueller has come under intense political pressure to bring it to a close – much of it directly from the president, who has repeatedly denied wrongdoing and argued there is no evidence of “collusion.”

On Friday, hours before Rosenstein announced the indictment in Washington, Trump – who had been briefed that the charges were coming – again called the investigation “a rigged witch hunt” during a news conference in England.

Trump’s attacks on the probe come as the special counsel has been investigating whether he has sought to thwart the investigation. For months, Mueller has been seeking to interview the president.

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