Robby Mook Lied About Violent Agitators at GOP Rallies and Here’s Proof

I think I can honestly say that my favorite part of the Wikileaks data dump has been watching the Clinton campaign, their allies in the DNC, and their friends in the media all squirm as they try to deal with the questions that come up from the nasty little emails. It has also been fun to watch as REAL journalists on the right, like James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, have their work vindicated by the private conversations from the DNC and the Clinton cronies. O’Keefe, and other conservative journalists, have long been maligned as inventing the stories that they release. The left says that these hard working truth-tellers are simply making up lies about liberal politicians and that Hillary Clinton and her ilk are then crooked ones, the journalists are.

Now, with the release of O’Keefe’s latest work proving that the liberals have been inciting violence at GOP events and working to commit voter fraud (see here, here, and here), the DNC has disavowed any knowledge of such actions, and they’ve even denied working with the people in the videos. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook, the leader of Clinton’s campaign for the White House, told CNN (word for word) that the men on O’Keefe’s video had never done any work for the Clinton team.

“These individuals no longer have a relationship with the DNC. They have never had a relationship with the Clinton campaign,” Mook said of Robert Creamer and Scott Foval.

Only one small problem there, Robby. You’re lying. How do we know you’re lying? Well, that’s where the folks at WikiLeaks come in. In one of their most recent releases, Wikileaks exposed an email from Michael Lux (a Democrat operative at Progressive Stategies) to Neera Tanden (a confidante of John Podesta and a member of team Clinton) speaking specifically about Bob (Robert) Creamer.

In the email Creamer is described to be “consulting” for the DNC and as being “close” to none other than Robby Mook himself.

In the business, we like to call this… the “smoking gun.” BANG! Robby, you’re a liar.

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