Rob Lowe Gets Targeted with Trump Derangement Syndrome

Rob Lowe almost got himself in trouble when he was caught treating Trump supporters like they were human!

Rob Lowe is not necessarily a Donald Trump supporter but he doesn’t insult Trump supporters—which is a big sin!

Rob Lowe almost got himself in trouble when he was caught treating Trump supporters like they were human!

Lowe needs to remember that if he ever acts as less than a full member of “The Resistance,” then he is a fascist and a criminal according to his Hollywood peers. Tolerance and good manners cannot be tolerated, but must be rudely put down!

Fox News reports, “Rob Lowe stresses bipartisanship in tweet in response to report.

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Lowe performed “Stories I Only Tell my Friends” for the DC crowd on May 11 and invited White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and former secretary Sean Spicer backstage, sparking questions about the actor’s politics.

The Hollywood Reporter quickly stressed the meeting, tweeting: “@RobLowe welcomes @SarahHuckabee, @SeanSpicer backstage at his one-man show.”

But the assumed relationship with Sanders and Spicer was apparently mistaken. Lowe corrected the record late Tuesday, tweeting that officials from previous administrations, including former Secretary of State John Kerry and former White House Press Secretary Josh Earnerst, were also among the invitees.

“Other invitees were John Kerry, Josh Earnest, Jon Favreau, Peggy Noonan and others,” Lowe tweeted, adding hashtages “relax” and “bipartisanship”

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The Hollywood Reporter’s story admits that Rob Lowe is exceedingly bipartisan. So why did they choose a headline designed to make Lowe look like a Trump supporter: “Rob Lowe Welcomes Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Spicer Backstage at His One-Man Show.

“If I don’t make a joke about the president, they don’t let me back into Hollywood,” the author and star told the D.C. audience, musing later backstage with guests including Clinton White House counsel Jack Quinn about “people like me” going into politics.

“Do you think Bill Clinton will be mad at me?” Rob Lowe privately asks in the green room after a sold-out May 11 performance of his one-man show, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, at the Beltway-adjacent Strathmore performing arts center in Maryland.

No, Clinton will not be mad at him, he is immediately assured by the small group backstage, which includes former Clinton White House counsel Jack Quinn and his wife, Susanna, a longtime friend of Lowe’s. No, because Lowe’s onstage stories about the former president were charming and only slightly edgy, delivered with a dead-on Arkansas lilt that’s more respectful than buffoonish.

And also no, because everyone in the green room who knows Clinton knows that the former president’s ego isn’t that fragile — he would never take that kind of good-natured ribbing too seriously. “Good,” Lowe says, relieved.


The incongruous group includes Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Sean Spicer and a handful of journos from notably left-leaning publications. (The Obama press secretaries were also invited but were unable to attend.) Sanders and Sean Spicer cozy up to Lowe for a photo op. New York Times Magazine journalist Mark Leibovich expresses genuine admiration for the star’s writing skills. There’s partisan tension, but no one says anything about it — partly because Lowe doesn’t let it get awkward.

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I think it is telling that Lowe was worried about offending Clinton. His ego isn’t fragile? Sure it’s not. And yet Hollywood Reporter uses a headline that is misleading and seems aimed at provoking Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Simply by trying to be even-handed and not insult his audience means, to progressives, that Lowe must be harboring Trump love. Yet all he is trying to do is be civilized. I thought this interview really brought that out.

Q: How would Sam Seaborn, your character from “The West Wing,” handle doing communications for Donald Trump?

A: Oh, boy. I … don’t think he’d be a good fit. Not necessarily because of politics so much as his love of soaring rhetoric. “Rhetoric should raise the roof.” Trump has strengths, but that’s probably not one. Sam’s one of those people who sees the good in everybody, and he had his illusions shattered all the time.

Everyone on “West Wing” was this bright-eyed optimist, but Sam took that to a new level. He would’ve found the good in everyone, even now, to the chagrin of his “West Wing” partners in crime.

Is Rob Lowe saying the fictional characters would hate “Sam” finding good in Donald Trump? Or is he referring to the actors themselves?

Read tbe entire interview at The News & Observer.

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