RINO’s Applaud – Lindsey Graham is in for 2016!

The new king of the RINO caucus, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), announced on Sunday that he would indeed be running for the GOP nomination in 2016. It may seem crazy for Graham to run, considering that he is widely considered to be the most reviled Republican (among Republicans) in Congress today… but he’s going for it. It’s not quite clear how someone who is deeply unpopular with his party’s base is supposed to win nomination to national office, but Graham has assured us that he will indeed try.


Make no mistake – Graham is running for one reason and one reason alone – to make sure Rand Paul doesn’t win. That’s it. That’s all.

Here’s what Graham said is the best reason for Americans to vote for him…

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“I’m running because I think the world is falling apart and I’ve been more right than wrong on foreign policy.”

Well that is just foolishness.

Lindsey Graham

Graham and his allies (John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton, etc) have basically dictated American foreign policy for the last 20+ years. Folks, I shouldn’t have to tell you that they have been more WRONG than right over that time and the proof is easy to find… just watch the nightly news. Now Graham is worried that people are starting to realize just how bad the Graham/McCain (sometimes called neocon – but there is nothing conservative about it) foreign policy has been and so he is doing his damndest to make sure that any alternative view (IE – Rand Paul’s views) are shut down and derided as “isolationist.”

Ben Domenech at the Federalist had a wonderful article detailing just how ridiculous Lindsey Graham’s run for the White House is. You should read the whole piece but here’s my favorite bit, just for you to enjoy dear reader.

Spend any amount of time around the good senator and you’ll hear more extreme sentiments expressed publicly than from any other candidate for the Republican nomination.

He holds an expansive view of the unrestricted powers of the executive branch; a steadfast belief in protecting the administrative state; and he has expressed doubts about much of the Bill of Rights. He does not believe bloggers deserve first amendment protections. He does not believe Americans suspected of terrorist acts deserve to be read their rights. And he, like Hillary Clinton, believes the Citizens United decision was a monstrosity that ought to be overturned – he has called for a Constitutional amendment to do so.

In more senses than one, Graham takes after John C. Calhoun – a warhawk with progressive views of government and an ahistorical view of the Constitution whose primary motivation, first and last, is power.

Graham also regularly says things that are not just wacky, but absurd, even within his own established field of foreign policy and national security.


RINO-lindsey-grahamI’ve tired of begging the beautiful people of South Carolina to stop voting for Graham, but I’ll do my level best to make sure that the rest of the nation realizes just how bad of a candidate he really is. Folks, Lindsey Graham is no conservative. He is a Big Government, Big Brother, small constitution, power hungry politician… and you do not want to give him any more power than he already has. I guarantee it.

Listen as Graham explains his reasons for running for President on CBS This Morning.

I’ve got the best job in the world: Senator from South Carolina. I’ve got a very comfortable life. I’m running because of what I see on television.

The world is falling apart. I’ve been more right than wrong on foreign policy. 

It is not the fault of others, or their lack of this or that,
but the reason I will run is my ability, in my own mind, to be commander in chief. And to make Washington good. The reason I had six primary opponents in my last election is that I have been accused of working together with Democrats too much. In my view, Democrats and Republicans work together too little, and I would try to change that if I got to be president. When it comes to radical Islam I would come after them before they come back here again.


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