RINO Susan Collins: ‘Sexual Allegations Against Trump Still Very Disturbing’

Oh dear, me. Susan Collins, who claims to be Republican but she is just as bad as John McCain and Mitch McConnell, is claiming that the sexual allegations that were brought against Donald Trump during his campaign “remain very disturbing.”

First of all Susan, why would you bring up allegations that were falsely thrown at the president? The accusations were proven to be false, so what exactly could be disturbing about them? The fact that the women so comfortably lied about Trump and tried to ruin his career? I find that part disturbing!

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“President Trump was not my choice for the Republican nominee for president, and I did not support him in part because of the way that all of these reports about how he was treating women,” Collins continued, “He is president now, and I am working with him on some issues but those allegations remain very disturbing.”

I would be willing to bet money that the president has not treated that woman with any disrespect and therefore gives her absolutely no reason to say such things. Unless she is just trying to remain relevant in the big scheme of things.

I truly hope that she does not see another term, along with McConnell, McCain, and Bob Corker. The swamp needs drained of the scaly lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum!

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