Ridiculous. Harvard Students think the USA is a Greater Danger to the World than ISIS

Sad, isn’t it.

This is what our kids are learning at one of the greatest institutions of higher learning in our nation… forget that, in the WORLD.

Whatever is happening at Harvard (and other Colleges and Universities) is destroying whatever hope America has for being great again.

These are the kids who will be our leaders, our policy makers, our philosophers, or children’s educators. If these are the kind of ideas that they will be propagating to the next generation – we are in BIG trouble.

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As Trey Sanchez at the Truth Revolt reports, here are some of the reasons Harvard students think that the USA is a greater threat to world peace than ISIS.


  • Because America is making decisions that are much more likely to affect the world
    • American imperialism and our protection of oil interests in the Middle East
    • Destabilizing the region and allowing groups like ISIS to gain power
    • The outlandish amount of spending that America has on causes of potential destruction in the world
    • Spending on defense mechanisms


I’m sure these kids have great intellectual reasons for saying that the USA is more dangerous… but it’s just foolishness. It shows an incredible lack of understanding about the world around them, and it takes an enormous amount of disrespect towards their fellow Americans, as well.

See, these kids don’t think that they (or people who think like them) are the problem. America is so dangerous because of people like US.

Do you get that?

These kids at Harvard think that conservatives like us are the greatest threat to peace in the world today.

Just think on that for a while…

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