Rick Perry and Donald Trump War of Words Boils Over

The continued debate over the problems with illegal immigration in America continues to rage, but most of the conversation seems to be taking place on the right. A prime example is the various battles being waged between GOP Presidential candidates and Donald Trump. Almost all Trump’s competitors (besides Ted Cruz and Ben Carson) have jumped into the fray in opposition of Trump, but this hasn’t caused Trump to back down, not one iota. The most pushback on the issue has been coming from former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who, in the past, was no shrinking violet on the issue of combatting illegal immigration but in recent days he’s become much more sensitive to immigration activists on the subject.

Trump called Perry out for his attacks on Twitter:


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Then Perry responded with a video message for Trump:

Donald, you might want to take a trip down to Texas sometime to meet some of the Hispanic Americans who’ve helped make our nation great, and to learn a little bit about what we need to do to secure our border with Mexico. Otherwise, your remarks might make for good reality TV, but they’re way out of touch with reality. There will always be bad actors out there.



Yikes. I wish that the GOP candidates could have this much “fire in the belly” when it came to attacking liberal politicians and liberal policies! How is it that we always reserve our most passionate arguments for each other, instead of turning that out onto our political opponents?

Lou Dobbs jumped into the fray to defend Trump during a recent episode of his show on Fox Business News:



Today Donald Trump wondered aloud why all Republicans weren’t condemning illegal immigration and sanctuary cities and the president’s refusal to secure our border and enforce the law. The sometimes inartful, occasionally offensive but plain spoke Trump picked up considerable support today in the form of a dramatic bipartisan Sentencing Commission report that absolutely supports his concerns about the number of criminal illegal immigrants in this country.

Illegal immigrants, who amount to 3.5% of the population, accounted for an astonishing 37% of federal sentences.

Astonishing in part because amnesty/open borders advocates have claimed for years that illegal immigrants commit far fewer crimes than citizens.But in reality their crimes are hugely disproportionate to their numbers…

Trump appears to be waking the country up on the issue, he may do the for the expanding field of Republican candidates.

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