Rich Leftwing Comedian Doubles Down says He’s ‘Rooting for a Recession’

Maher to a lot of flack for his elitist attitude after admitting that he didn’t really care if an economic crash would hurt a certain portion of the population (mostly the poor and middle class).

HBO’s Bill Maher is the perfect example of the smug leftwing elitist who pretends to care about the “little people” but when push comes to shove, he’s exposed as a selfish hypocrite. A few weeks ago he admitted on his show, Real Time, that he was “hoping” for a recession so that voters would oust Trump in 2020.

Maher took a lot of flack for his elitist attitude after admitting that he didn’t really care if an economic crash would hurt a certain portion of the population (mostly the poor and middle class).

Well, you might have thought that Maher had learned his lesson after getting in trouble for his callous talk about financial disaster… but this past weekend he was at it again, when he doubled down and said he was “rooting for a recession.”

Here’s what he said (Warning: Bill Maher’s language is usually foul):

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“Anyone who went apeshit the last two weeks because I said going through a recession would be worth it because it would undermine Trump’s popularity has to enroll in college and take a course in perspective. A recession is a survivable event; what Trump is doing to this country is not.

Democracy is about to go the way of the dinosaurs because we’ve been taken over by a dodo bird. So let me repeat: recessions are survivable events. We survive one everytime a Republican is in the White House, it’s true. Every Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt has presided over a recession. Four Republican presidents had two of them and Eisenhower had three.

The United States has survived 47 recessions in all and since the Great Depression, we’ve never gone more than 10 years without one. Another recession is coming. Not because I’m rooting for it, because someone (Donald Trump) passed a giant tax giveaway to the rich that added trillions to the debt and started a trade war for no reason and deliberately sabotaged the Affordable Care Act and rolled back the rules for banks so they can once again gamble with our money. Those are actual policies for men with real power as opposed to me who just made a wish. I just made a wish! What am I, a genie?

This accusing me of wanting people to starve and die is pretty rich coming from the party that’s never been shy about actually enact policies that starve and kill people. Taking away health care, cutting Medicaid, and food stamps, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), forcing government shutdowns.

This month’s Journal of the American Medical Association says the Trump environmental agenda is likely to cost the lives of over 80,000 Americans, so there’s that.

And I guess those claiming that I would come out unscathed in the recession must have missed the episode with Elizabeth Warren from the last recession

Some things are more important than money and one of them in living in a country that reasonably resembles the one that existed from 1776 to 2016. In a situation this grave it is not crazy to use economic manipulation, that’s what sanctions are. We’ve pinched countries in the pocketbook so they’ll act better. Just think of this as sanctions against ourselves. Although, again, I can’t really make a recession happen even with my $100 million (winks).

Recessions happen and we always recover, but fallen republics don’t. Rome fell and they still haven’t fixed that stadium (The Colleseum).

I’m not rooting for a disaster, the disaster’s already here. If a recession is what it takes to make Donald Trump not so cute anymore then bring it on, because, seriously, one of the problems with a roaring economy is it tends to make people put up with a bad president. It’s like great sex in a bad relationship. When the sex all the annoying things your partner does are forgiven. That’s what we’re in right now, the good sex economy. I just want America to say about Donald Trump what everybody in a relationship says when the hot sex wears off: What the fuck am I doing with this person?”

Don’t you love it when rich people pretend that they understand the average Americans financial troubles? Maher claims he lost “most of his savings” in the last recession, but he still owned his mansions, he still travelled the world and stayed in the finest hotels, he still ate at the swankiest restaurants, and he still drove his flashy cars.

It’s just ridiculous, and Maher should be lambasted for hoping for disaster simply because he doesn’t like Trump’s politics.


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