Rex Tillerson Says we Have to Make Sure Chemical Weapons Don’t ‘Fall into the Hands of ISIS’…I Think They Already Have [VIDEO]

This is their ‘national security’ connection. They say the U.S. had to launch a missile attack on Syria, because they didn’t want Assad’s chemical weapons falling into the hands of ISIS.

It’s a similar excuse we hear whenever there’s a mass shooting perpetrated by a psycho hopped up on drugs. They’ll say we have to prevent ‘assault weapons’ – black semi-automatic rifles – from falling into the ‘wrong hands.’ No law is going to prevent that. Every law added will only have the effect of making innocent people more defenseless.

Making sure chemical weapons don’t fall into the wrong hands is an impossible feat. There’s no way the U.S. or even Syria could police such a thing. Think about the drug war in the U.S. It doesn’t matter how many laws, raids, shootouts, sting ops, deaths, and jail sentences there are, people will still continue to manufacture, distribute, and sell illegal drugs. It’s happening now, and nothing will stop it or cause it to abate short of removing the value of drugs by decriminalizing them.

Instead of making the lame excuse that they don’t want ‘Assad’s’ chemical weapons to end up with ISIS, they should have already assumed that they have. Check this out from 2013, and notice how remarkably familiar all this sounds:

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Understand that was four years ago. You can tell, because Jake Tapper had more hair, but less gray hair. Oh yeah, and Obama was president.

Other than that, it sounds like it was just last week.

There has been no shortage of reporting done on the so-called rebels in the region, whom John McCain and others are so adamant that we arm heavily.

If you recall, Benghazi was a CIA annex. Here’s what I wrote in March of 2013:

They were using Benghazi as a weapons hub out of which rocket-propelled grenades and other firearms of the “assault” variety were being shipped to the Turkey-Syria border (in the north) to be given to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to help terrorize and murder civilian Christians and while they’re at it, topple the Assad regime.

Now there are reports coming from the German publication Der Spiegel and the UK’s Guardian that the U.S. has been training “rebels” in Jordan, which borders Syria to the south. French and British forcers were also involved in the training, which included teaching the militants how to use anti-tank weaponry.

The goal of this joint training program is to have about a dozen FSA units totaling 10,000 fighters doing what they do best…making millions of refugees out of Christians, killing civilians, burning down churches and courthouses and in general, just wreaking havoc and creating chaos with the added benefit of “regime change” that will result in another dictator to Obama’s liking.

To assume that these people didn’t have access to chemical weapons then and don’t now is just silly. Yet, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says that we need to make sure they don’t end up in the wrong hands. And that’s the Trump administration’s pretext for launching a military strike on the country, and maybe even escalating it.

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