Rex Tillerson Puts America First at State Department, Media Freaks Out

As Trump promised, Tillerson puts America first over interfering in other nations to promote “democracy.”

The Washington Post published an editorial objecting that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson puts America first over the domestic affairs of other nations. This “mission” to promote “democracy” has been infamously used as a rationale for interfering in other countries’ elections where we don’t think the leading candidate is “democratic” enough. Americans want our government to concern itself with our county, not the affairs of other nations.

Here’s the headline: “State Department considers scrubbing democracy promotion from its mission.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has ordered his department to redefine its mission and issue a new statement of purpose to the world. The draft statements under review right now are similar to the old mission statement, except for one thing — any mention of promoting democracy is being eliminated.

According to an internal email that went out Friday, which I obtained, the State Department’s Executive Steering Committee convened a meeting of leaders to draft new statements on the department’s purpose, mission and ambition, as part of the overall reorganization of the State Department and USAID. (The draft statements were being circulated for comment Friday and could change before being finalized.)

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    The State Department’s draft statement on its purpose is: “We promote the security, prosperity and interests of the American people globally.”

  • The State Department’s draft statement on its mission is: “Lead America’s foreign policy through global advocacy, action and assistance to shape a safer, more prosperous world.”

  • The State Department’s draft statement on its ambition is: “The American people thrive in a peaceful and interconnected world that is free, resilient and prosperous.”

Read the entire editorial.

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