REVISION: Scientists Now Say Recent Claim of Water on Mars is FALSE

You probably have not heard or seen this story, but it appears that the widely propagated news story of evident water on the Mars surface is NOT true, according to two planetary scientists published in the Geophysical Research Letters journal. For more information, please visit this link.

Back a few months ago, I published an article via Eagle Rising on a key colleague of Charles Darwin stating that no planet could house life, except Earth.

I was mocked by some for writing that article, and I’m sure most of those people were jumping on the “WATER ON MARS!” bandwagon from last Fall. It is very clear that the media – and I would say people in general – have a clear bias towards anything that may or “could” equate to life or intelligent life on another planet. For some, it is a scientific quest and search; for others it appears more like a religion.

Per a Google search, the term “water found on Mars” returned 28.8 million online results. However, the term “water unlikely on Mars” resulted in just 495,000 findings. So, the online presence of the belief and news story that water exists on Mars is almost 60 times more prevalent and popular than the contrarian view which states there is no water on Mars. Based on this anecdote, it is very clear that people want to bury the truth, while spreading theories that match their preconceived notions.

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Science is always learning and evolving; in many cases what was deemed “true” 100 years ago is not proven as such today. In less than one year, an incredible news story is more than likely shown to be false and misleading. In the future, before we jump to headlining conclusions, I hope the media and others take potential scientific theories with a grain of salt. Or, possibly a grain of red dirt from the Red Planet.


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