Reviewing Then and Now: The Anti-Trump Fervor

Could the NFL’s concussion problems be the same malady driving this anti-Trump fervor!  Think about it!  Just maybe, the aftermath from dashed expectations equate with the NFL’s bone crushing tackles to the point which condones this baseless Presidential investigation?

What else could explain this fruitless effort from special prosecutor Robert Mueller?  I mean if the sanity of justice prevailed, “probable cause” would   also; as is the case when a judge issues the required search warrant!  Added to this insanity is the elapsed time with zero findings.  As with any political witch hunt, its continuation insults our system of justice.

When comparing another high profile Special Prosecutor’s ordeal, it was the media which heightened the public scorn against Kenneth Starr.   Absent from today’s media headlines is that intense anti-investigative clamor.  In retrospect, makes one wonder if it was valid in 1998 or just a tool for stoking the public’s emotions while protecting Clinton.

Amid the Lewinsky “undressing” of that President, I suppose the most famous, if not ludicrous charge came from the First Lady, when she emphatically blamed the investigation on a “vast right-wing conspiracy”

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This charge was screamed after only six weeks of the investigation!  Can you imagine, just six weeks?  Also at this early juncture, inside reports of “a sense of victimization,” “a great deal of anger,” and actions “not necessarily rational” were quotes from a March 1, 1998 Philadelphia Inquirer.  Compare Trump’s posturing and hands off approach to a baseless effort which has been ongoing throughout his Presidency!

First Lady Clinton’s furor continued against Starr with, “scratching for dirt, intimidating witnesses, doing everything possible to try to make some kind of accusation…”  Couldn’t her anxiety be transfixed onto Mueller’s current antics.

The point of all this rehashing is the similarity, only in reverse, with today’s unworthy probe; one which to this date lacks any evidence or even hints of wrong doing.  Talk about “scratching for dirt?”

So to the present, what has generated all this angst against our current President?  He removed America from the TPP’s trade entanglements,  eliminating the usual global network of restrictions and foreign say so.

Removing America from the Paris Accords saved America a total cost of $100 trillion!  Just recently, without Congressional support, President Trump began a healthcare revamping which despite the howling media, will be more affordable and competitive for consumers.  And also, he reassigned responsibility of the Iran Nuclear deal onto Congress, with the caveat that without a satisfying pro-American result, he would exit the deal.

Consider the previous administration directed $9.2 billion to the United Nations in its closing days and when speaking at the UN in September of last year, Obama remarked that Americans must submit to “constraints” and “give up some freedom of action.”  Also, he supported the UN’s involvement with local police forces and our immigration policies.

As for that Iranian Nuclear deal, how did Obama manage to fork over $150 billion, all in cash, to this outlaw regime?  That was then!  And now, our media elites second guess Trump’s every move?

The media’s treatment between then and now is self incriminating.  Where was this media scorn when in 2007, Senator Obama stated that “America needs a leader who will be straight with them.”  Later on, “free healthcare” and “you can keep your doctor” tested the beliefs of many. His complete defiance of a Federal Appeals Court ruling that his Jan 4, 2012 recess appointments were “unconstitutional” cemented his lawlessness; yet still not a whimper out of our media!

The current media bias against today’s President and his pro American policies is undeniable and often fake!  Trump’s change of policies and style of leadership takes many back to the days which, for the young, were never realized.  Today, with generations of educated globalists, thoughts of “America first” appear as antiquated, foreign even alarming.  It is to this influence of education that the unworthy gains acceptance into leadership positions and why the leaning curve has so drastically dipped.

Contrary to the media’s hype, today’s leadership has nothing to do with racism or gender inequality.    Our President’s efforts are simply geared for what is best for America, by his turning the pages back to when a Merry Christmas greeting was universal.

After WWII, our ease, or our taking for granted that which we were born into also introduced a laxity, an assumption that “it can’t happen here.”  Well, it can and it is!  The contrast between the previous and present administrations offers all the proof we need.  Hopefully, our future will not result in that bone crusher called communism.

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