Reversing the Failures of our Educators

Like so many students today, I too was groomed for a life of self-destruction. Everything negative from nihilism to anti-capitalism was poured into my head in school as though it were the Final Word on Existence.

Like so many students today, I too was groomed for a life of self-destruction. Everything negative from nihilism to anti-capitalism was poured into my head in school as though it were the Final Word on Existence. The knowledge I needed for a rational world view was cleverly hidden or removed from the curricula. Almost every day in school I faced a barrage of anti-intellectual propaganda, presented from a valueless perspective.

Today, practically everywhere, we are beginning to see the result of such “education.” America is being overtaken from within by a mob of uninformed and mindless graduates, totally lacking in critical thinking skills. In return for our generous support of education, we are being inundated with a bunch of sniveling idiots, intellectual hacks, and flag-burning anarchists, trained to regurgitate with ease what they’ve mastered without understanding its significance.

Adam MacLeod, an associate professor at Faulkner University’s Jones School of Law, made a similar point last year in his article entitled, “Undoing the Dis-Education of Millennials.” “True to stereotype, I increasingly find that most of them (my students) cannot think, don’t know very much, and are enslaved to their appetites and feelings. Their minds are held hostage in a prison fashioned by elite culture and their undergraduate professors.”

This is all leading to a profound social crisis in America, felt everywhere, almost on every level.

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Is there a solution?

Yes, there is, if we all speak out as far as our voices will carry and express our opposition. It is time the defenders of reason bring balance to learning.

In my article 10 Recommendations for Parents, I offer some suggestions on how parents can work with their children to clear away some of the stale and destructive ideas taught to them in the schools. In John Hawkins’ Townhall article, he identifies how the ideas of the late Saul Alinsky, the anarchist and the darling of academia’s extremists, can be used to achieved positive results.

Below are seven of my recommendations that will specifically help reverse the failures of educators:

  1. Eliminate tenure: Most workers lack job security. Why should educators be the exception? Randa Jarrar stands out as an example of those professors who should be fired for their irresponsible behavior. It may seem cruel, despite what unions and other self-interest groups think, to fire teachers for failing to meet acceptable standards, but if we don’t, we will only perpetuate the grief of those subjected to their teaching.
  2. Recognize sound educational practices: Educators must teach the basics, the three Rs and more. If they don’t know how, they should review Dr. Maria Montessori’s method, beginning with her very readable and sensible book The Absorbent Mind. In brief, knowledge must be presented in a structured and intelligent manner. For a few ideas on how to do this, you should read my two articles, one on how to teach history, the other on how to teach literature. Both articles identify a principle that needs to be understood to advance a conceptual understanding of the subject.
  3. Understand the educator’s philosophy of education: What exactly are educators trying to achieve through their lessons? Are they advancing ideas you personally support, or are they preparing children for change (i.e., nuclear resistance to American values)? To understand their goal, you may want toacquaint yourself with their philosophy of education. My book, The Fire Within, and some of my articles should provide helpful background information for you on this subject.
  4. Maintain the pressure: You must arm yourself with knowledge and never relent in your pursuit of it. Educators must be encouraged to meet acceptable standards. That means two things: You must know what good teaching is, and what your children are being taught. To know the former, you should do some serious reading, and to find out the latter, you should encourage your children to squeal on their teachers when they fail to meet your standards. Remember: Educators are laughing at us and our gullibility. We are giving them huge sums of money to teach, and they are using it to destroy our children.
  5. Go public: You should organize other like-minded parents and take the matter to the School Board, your congressman and even your senator. If no one listens to you, go to the streets. Distribute handouts. Stand on soapboxes. Spill the facts by using attention-getting techniques that will make national news without resorting to the shameful violence and rioting of the Alinskyites. If in the process you should encounter physical resistance, film it and use it to develop a legal case.
  6. Show verbal fist: Educators love to keep you on the defensive for their failures. When they blame parents or poverty or Hollywood or anyone or anything else except themselves for their shameful classroom failures, you must use that as your cue to hit them hard with the facts – and let them know that Johnny can’t read, write, or do simple math because of their teaching practices. No matter how eloquently they defend themselves, how impressively they display their credentials, you must stand up to them and strip away their pomposity and identify the ugly truth about them. If you knew how easy it is to get degrees nowadays (for those who play the game), you would be horrified. Educators may speak well and spin a few interesting ideas with authority, but, if you critically listen to them, you will discover that their lovely words often lack sensibility and clarity of thought. Your job is to unmask them and make them accountable for their failures!
  7. Finally, remove your children from the public schools: The government should not be in the business of educating your children in a free society. To protect your child from negative influences, you should consider homeschooling or placing him in a private school of your choice. If that can’t be done for financial reasons, you must pressure your local government into providing a voucher system. Your tax money should be spent on educating your child as you, not the government, sees fit. That is the American way. That is what the free enterprise system is all about.

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