Reverend Franklin Graham SLAMS Lawless President Obama on Transgender Bathroom Policy!

The Reverend Franklin Graham is one of the most kind and generous men in the public arena today but President Obama has finally gone too far. The news leaked Thursday evening that the President would be MANDATING, or as Graham puts it “Decreeing” that every public school across the country must conform to a gender-inclusive bathroom policy. This means that any student who “identifies” as trans (or any other deviant) gender must be allowed to use whatever facility they prefer. Not just bathrooms either folks; showers and locker rooms too.

Here’s what Graham had to say:

Who does President Barack Obama think he is?

The sultan of Washington? Does he think he can just make a “decree” and we will bow down and simply obey? The decree he released today says that all schools across the country have to allow students to choose the restrooms and locker rooms according to “their internal sense of gender.”

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If schools don’t comply, he threatens loss of funding and lawsuits from the federal government. What about the privacy and protection of all the other students? Isn’t this discrimination against all of them? This opens up bathrooms to sexual predators and perverts.

A decree does not carry the force of law–that’s the job of Congress. The president obviously must have no fear of God, who made us and created us male and female.

I hope that school districts across this nation will defy President Obama and his administration’s radical progressive agenda to promote and advance the sin of homosexuality and the LGBT agenda.

Those are some very hard, and true, words from one of the nation’s most respected religious leaders. I hope that more of our leaders will begin following Graham’s lead and standing up to the tyrannical tin-pot before something terrible happens.

This is a nation governed by We the People and we will not be dictated to by an immoral despot with a penchant for depraved sexual deviancy.


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