Response to Ann Coulter Bodes Ill for Conservatives and Whites?

Ann Coulter was outraged against wealth redistribution but others think it is racial justice.

Does Delta’s treatment of Ann Coulter and the ensuing criticism show us a picture of the future? She was forced to give up a seat that she had paid money for. The airline criticized her outrage and treated it as a dispute over thirty dollars—the extra price she paid to reserve the seat with extra legroom.

That was insultingly ridiculous. If you pay in advance for a thirty-dollar meal to be delivered to your house at lunchtime, and it is not delivered, the situation is not repaired by a refund of money. You’re hungry and you now have to endure that hunger and come up with a new plan.

Likewise, Ann Coulter paid for something that she expected to receive. She could have decided to fly a different airline of fly in a different class. Because she was led to believe that she could get enough comfort if she paid extra and planned ahead she ended up trapped in a seat she found uncomfortable. A refund of thirty dollars doesn’t make that right.

But the airline response, the media coverage, and the social media reaction has all obviously been tainted by the fact that Ann Coulter is an infamous conservative. Worse, on social media race was declared a factor.

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In the midst of the Daily Mail story, “Delta and Ann Coulter at war: Conservative commentator launches fresh Twitter tirade over being shunted from her pre-booked seat after airline accused her of griping over $30 and called her insults ‘unacceptable,’” we find this:

The airline responded to Coulter’s original criticism, with one of the people behind its Twitter account writing: ‘Hey, Ann! I’m very sorry you had to change your seat on board today! I would like to look into this further.

‘I understand how this must be extremely frustrating, Ann. I’d like to extend my sincere apology.’

However, many on social media were not as kind in their comments as the airline was, instead mocking Coulter.

‘Broom in the shop?’ Dane Rauschenberg wrote.

‘Go ahead and say it Ann, they gave it to this brown woman. That’s what offends you,’ Hanna Flint tweeted.

The idea that a white person would be OK with being robbed to benefit another white person is ludicrous. Thy only way this insult makes sense is if someone thinks that the brown woman was deserved her seat as payback for “white privilege.”

If so, what else can we expect to see from corporations that will be cheered on social media?

Read the whole Daily Mail story.

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