Republicans Threaten Roy Moore with a Chance to Clear His Name

Senate Republicans threaten there will be a Senate investigation of Roy Moore if he wins the election in Alabama. Good!

When Republicans threaten to give Roy Moore a public hearing in which witnesses are put under oath and cross-examined, what do they expect Alabama voters to do? If Moore was to drop out of the race, there would be no hearing. Anti-Trump Republicans would insist that his dropping out was an admission of guilt.

If the Senate investigates, presumably there will be witnesses placed under oath and cross-examined. That is better than wondering if Moore has been framed. Even if Moore is guilty, potential slanderers should know that a Republican candidate can’t be forced to drop out on the basis of mere allegations.

The Washington Examiner reports, “Senate Republicans warn Roy Moore of similar fate as Al Franken: ‘It probably doesn’t bode well,’

Republicans believe that if Moore wins next Tuesday’s Senate special election in Alabama, he will immediately be subject to an investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee and could be subject to expulsion if the committee turns up credible evidence that he initiated unwanted sexual encounters with girls as young as 14 during his 30s. This comes despite President Trump’s endorsement of Moore earlier in the week and the Republican National Committee’s decision to jump back into the race after pulling resources from Alabama weeks ago.


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Most within the Senate Republican conference remain opposed to Moore and are wary of his potential impact on Republicans as a whole, including on the 2018 midterms.

The story quotes Lindsey Graham:

“It doesn’t change my view,” Graham said of the Franken resignation calls and their effect on Moore. “I’ve always been like, ‘I don’t think he should have run, I don’t think he’s a good candidate’ … If he does get elected, I support the idea of going to the ethics committee. If there’s a bipartisan finding that he’s a child molester, it’d be a defining moment in the history of the Senate.”

Obviously, Graham hates Moore for his politics and is using the accusations to get what he wants. Also note that no one has alleged that Moore “initiated unwanted sexual encounters with girls as young as 14 during his 30s.” There is exactly one claim about a 14-year-old.

Read the entire story.

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