Republicans have a Fever and the Only Prescription (Sort of) is Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) was a BIG hit this past weekend during the Iowa Freedom Summit.

There’s been a lot of buzz over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s well-received performance at the Freedom Summit of 2016 Republican presidential candidates in Des Moines over the weekend. 

Which reminded us that he really might be the “perfect” candidate for the GOP in 2016. One of the major concerns in our Party is the schism between conservatives and the establishment… this is a problem that Scott Walker could conceivably fix.

Walker also got a major endorsement for his blueprint to victory (though not for his personal candidacy) from GOP heavyweight Rush Limbaugh.

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Here’s what Limbaugh had to say…

“I believe Scott Walker is the blueprint for the Republican Party if they are serious about beating the left Scott Walker has shown how to do it.”



“Scott Walker has the blueprint for winning and winning consistently and winning big in a blue state with conservative principles that are offered with absolutely no excuses,” Limbaugh remarked. “The left, the Democrat Party, threw everything at Scott Walker trying to destroy him. They did everything they could. He not only withstood it all, he survived and triumphed over all of it.

Scott-WalkerSo to those of us who know him, to those of us who’ve heard him speak, to those of us who have studied his career and know how fearless he is and how successful he’s been, showing up in Iowa and giving a gangbuster performance is not a surprise. This is not a new Scott Walker. This is who he’s always been. But he’s appearing to be a surprise because there hasn’t been a whole lot of reporting on the guy outside of the state of Wisconsin.

I can’t tell you how many times I have openly expressed my incredulity here that the Republican Party has not, as a national enterprise, attempted to incorporate Scott Walker’s blueprint. He’s shown how to beat the left. He has shown how to beat the unions. He has shown how to revive a state’s economy. He’s shown how to cut taxes and increase economic output.  He has shown how to increase employment in the middle of an Obama economy. He has done all of this in a state like Wisconsin, big blue state.

It’s always been curious to me that Scott Walker has not been — I mean, he’s big at the Heritage Foundation, he’s big in some other conservative groups, but as far as the Republican Party establishment itself, second tier, looked on as second tier. I mean, they speak of him with respect and reverence, he’s one of the governors, but in terms of presidential politics, you never hear his name bandied about. But I’m gonna tell you the Democrats in Wisconsin are near hysterical over this. They’re near hysterical over what he’s done to them. They’re near hysterical over the accolades he’s getting as a result of his appearance in Iowa over the weekend on Saturday.

I really think that Scott Walker is the kind of guy the Republicans need to hoist on one of those chairs they used to take Caesar through the crowds with,” Limbaugh concluded. “What he’s done in the state of Wisconsin is phenomenal. Nobody knows about it, other than you in this audience.”

I’m with Rush on this. Governor Walker is not my first choice for President but from what I know of him – I could cast my ballot for him in 2016. I disagree with some of the things Walker has said/done during his time as Governor of Wisconsin but not enough to dissuade my support. I’d like to hear him clarify his thoughts on illegal immigration, abortion (specifically in regards to a personhood amendment), and some fiscal matters… but all of that could happen in the course of a campaign. If Walker can reconcile the conservative base with the establishment then he may be well worth supporting over other candidates… even candidates we may like more.

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