Republicans Break with Trump on Guns

Many House Republicans have decided to break with President Trump on guns and gun control.

Surprisingly, the president has sided with Democrats on many gun control issues. However, I believe he is just throwing them a bone where he can, in order to keep their hunger at bay.

For example, he is siding with banning bump stocks, as well raising the legal buying age to 21-years-old.

“I don’t know how he came unmoored,” Rep. Thomas Massie continued, “President Trump can do more damage than President Obama did to the Second Amendment with the bully pulpit, because Republicans instinctively rejected anything Obama put forward.”

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The Hill reports:

House Republicans expressed a mix of shock, frustration and disappointment that Trump endorsed a Democratic “wish list” of gun control proposals during a meeting on Wednesday at the White House. The ideas he spoke favorably of included imposing new age limits on gun purchases and taking guns away from dangerous people.

Republicans in both chambers of Congress, and particularly the House, made clear they have little interest in adopting Trump’s “comprehensive” approach.

“On a lot of these issues, where we believe that there is an infringement on Second Amendment liberties, we’re going to be opposed to those,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a member of the House Freedom Caucus, a band of roughly 30 conservative hard-liners.

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