Republicans Are Investigating the Obama DOJ

They want to know why the Obama DOJ kept Trump investigation secret and why they did not charge Clinton.

The Obama DOJ gave us a secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch during an investigation of his wife, with no consequences whatsoever. The Justice Department, to put it bluntly, engaged in open corruption and expected to completely get away with it. So, the only question about what Republicans have announced is: Why didn’t they start this on the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration?

Drain the swamp. Lock her up.

The Associated Press reports, “House GOP chairmen announce probe of Obama’s Justice Dept.

The Republican chairmen of two House committees announced Tuesday they’re opening an investigation into actions the Obama administration Justice Department took during last year’s presidential election.

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The chairmen said in a statement Tuesday they have several questions, including why then-FBI Director James Comey decided to publicly announce the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information but not to publicly announce the investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign associates.


Other questions the Republican lawmakers said they want addressed revolve around the decision not to file criminal charges against Clinton.

All of that is in addition to the investigation of the Obama/Clinton/Russia scandal of 2010.

Read the entire AP story.

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