Republican to CNN, “What the Hell are we Investigating?”

Well, CNN? What exactly are we investigating?

On Monday, Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) was on Fox News when he pointed out the obvious, and then asked CNN what we could possibly be investigating. He touches on Robert Mueller and suggests that he shouldn’t be investigating Trump…WHy? Because he has personal tied to Former FBI Director James Comey! If they want a real investigation, hire real investigators!

Here’s what Duffy had to say:

“I think there’s reason for concern. Number one, you have a relationship between Mueller and Comey, they’re best friends, and Comey might be a star witness — number one. But you’re hiring a litigation team, a bunch of prosecutors who have given thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates. If you’re going to do an investigation, let’s hire investigators to see what impact Russia had in the last election. This seems more like an effort to prosecute Donald Trump then it is to investigate.

And my concern, Martha, is what the hell are we investigating? You’ve had Comey and Director Clapper, both with knowledge, come out and say there’s no evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. Why are we going through an investigation? Why are we going through this charade of an investigation when there’s no evidence that Donald Trump had anything to do with the Russians?

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This is the Democrats’ efforts to undermine the election results of last November 8th, and get their [net end] result, which is Donald Trump out of the White House.”

Watch for yourself:

What do you think? If Duffy right on point? Should the exhausting witch hunt be brought to an end? This has been drug out long enough!

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