Republican Icon Mary Matalin just made a Surprise Endorsement for President!

Mary Matalin has been a lioness within the GOP for many years. She has advised major GOP leaders going back several decades, and has managed to stay married to her famous husband, Democrat strategist James Carville, throughout it all. This tells me she has a lot of patience. However, her patience with the Republican Party has apparently run out because Matalin recently changed her party affiliation to Libertarian and has now endorsed a Libertarian candidate for President!

Matalin eschewed the most popular Libertarian choice, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who was the LP candidate for President in 2012. Instead, she chose to endorse the young upstart, Austin Petersen, who has been making overtures to the conservative #NeverTrump and #CruzCrew voters ever since Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) withdrew from the race.

Here’s some of what Matalin had to say in endorsing Petersen at the Libertarian Republic:

I am proud to endorse Austin Petersen for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States.

Petersen has had a distinguished and dedicated career in advocacy for the principles upon which this unique country was founded and under which it has thrived.

In an ideal world, the GOP would continue to be the natural home of libertarian principles. In modern times, the Republican Party had attracted many citizens who consider themselves constitutional conservatives or Federalists. It was the party that supported the hard fought Jeffersonian/Madisonian vision of governance: minimum centralized governance, solid support for enumerated powers and state sovereignty, and above all, institutionalized provisions against infringements on individual liberty…

At the heart of libertarianism is a devotion to individual freedom, the indisputable catalyst for the greatest leap in human history. With freedom comes responsibility, not just to not hurt our neighbors, but to fight for the principles and policies that promote liberty steeped in a natural order…

In these tumultuous times of domestic and global uncertainty, the country would be well served with Austin Petersen on the national ballot along with the two established party candidates. The times call for and Americans deserve a full-throated, clear, coherent call for the restoration of those principles our Founders divined and their progeny refined. Austin Petersen is a courageous adherent of and best represents Jefferson’s inviolate first principle: Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Please Read Matalin’s Entire Piece at the Libertarian Republic.

Whatever you may think about the conservative wing of the #NeverTrump movement, there must be some respect paid to the many thought-leaders who continue to hold their ground as #NeverTrump. The premise for their position, much like Matalin voices above, is grounded in the principles of conservative, limited government policies, which have long guided our political philosophy. If the GOP and presumptive candidate Donald Trump wish to win back these conservative voters, they must both make an effort to assuage conservative fears on free trade, individual liberty, and smaller government.

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