Republican Fights for ZERO-Tolerance Policy for Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders

Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) must sometimes feel like a lonely warrior in Congress.

He’s willing to take tough stands in harsh political climates. However, his most recent stand shouldn’t be that hard to take… at least you would hope. But this is modern America, and our not-so-beloved Democrat Party does love doing things that make no sense, so they aren’t big fans of this either.

Congressman DeSantis is pushing hard to pass a law that would see illegal immigrant sex offenders immediately deported. No ifs, ands or buts.

But since illegal immigrants have become the new “puppy dogs” of the liberal Democrats – don’t expect this to happen without a fight.

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Here’s what Congressman DeSantis had to say about his proposal on Facebook.

I believe in a zero tolerance policy for illegal immigrant sex offenders. If someone is here illegally and gets convicted of a sex crime, especially a crime against children, that individual should be returned to his home country immediately. Click below to watch my floor remarks about my amendment to the DHS appropriations bill defunding the President’s executive amnesty.

And here are the Congressman’s remarks from the House floor on the issue.



Maybe we can get a few more folks who are willing to get on board since it’s literally “for the children”. But with today’s political climate, I wouldn’t call it a sure thing.

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