Republican Candidate Great Example of Patriotism

Republican candidate for Senator from Iowa, Joni Ernst, will be leaving the campaign trail at a most inopportune time. But not for selfish or “personal” reasons… she’s leaving for the next two weeks to serve the people of Iowa.

Ernst is leaving for two weeks because she is being called up to active duty by the Iowa National Guard. Mrs. Ernst is a battalion commander in the National Guard and will be at Fort McCoy for her annual training.

Just a few short months before she is hoping to be elected to the Senate by her fellow Iowans, this break from campaigning may end up being costly, but don’t expect Joni Ernst to complain. She is a true patriot and knows that her sacrifice is important and worth her time.

Meanwhile, the state GOP hopes to help her continue to build support, even while she’s gone, by getting Republicans across the state to lend a hand.

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“During this time, she will not be able to fund-raise, walk in parades, door knock or do other political activity,” Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann said in aletter posted on the party’s website this afternoon. “We know Bruce Braley and his liberal D.C. pals will continue to their slash-and-burn campaign against Joni while she’s on duty, so anything you can do to help us until Joni returns is greatly appreciated.”

Before she left, she took the time to deliver the weekly Republican address to the nation, and boy was it a good one. Take the time to hear what she had to say. You’ll be happy you did.

Joni Ernst is exactly the kind of person and candidate we should be supporting Iowa; get out and give her a hand!

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