Reporter Gets Pushed To The Ground By Antifa Thugs reporter Hannah Drown gets pushed to the ground during Kent State University open-carry gun walk…

How did Hannah Drown miss the Antifa connection? The Antifa name was never mentioned in her story? Is she protecting these violent criminals? Geez, a good reporter would tell the truth.  Just pathetic!

And they wonder why we want to carry. To protect ourselves and others against fascist people like this.

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Cleveland Com:

None of us really knew what to expect when we arrived at Kent State University Saturday afternoon ahead of an open-carry gun walk set to take place on the campus at 2 p.m.

Activists, reporters and law enforcement alike stood in tense anticipation as it got closer to go-time.

And as it turns out, there was good reason for concern. Physical and verbal altercations erupted between the gun-rights activists and counter-protestors, with hundreds of police officers in the middle. Four people were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, with one additionally charged with assault on a police officer.

At one point, I found myself caught in the middle, when, after heated words, police officers physically pushed counter-protestors and they pushed back. I was located behind the officers at the time but a group counter-protestors ran up behind me and toward the altercation.

In the process, I ended up being knocked over by those trying to get in the action. I wasn’t on the ground long, as some of the officers near me cleared out the area getting me back on my feet, minimizing the number of times I was stepped on. Seconds after that, I was elbowed in the side but I managed to stay on my feet that time.

But let’s take a step back for a second and recount how we got there:

Before the walk began, the parking lot where the gun-rights activist congregated, was flanked by different law enforcement officers. Counter-protestors gathered just across the street.

I began the walk with the gun-rights activists. We walked up one side of the blocked-off street leading to the campus, police officers marched down the median and the counter-protesters occupied the other side of the street. Within moments the verbal attacks began from both sides as the crowd grew wider and the police officers did their best to physically keep the groups separated. More

The MSM tells us that they are worried about the violence coming from Trump supporters… Antifa wasn’t there to express their point of view, but to make sure the people they disagreed with were unable to express theirs. The violence always comes from the left.

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