Reporter Exposes Liberal Gun Grabbers: “Your Proposal would’ve Done Nothing”!

Jonathan Karl recently proved his mettle (and integrity) when he confronted the liberal politician du jour, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT).

There are a few journalists working in the mainstream media who still work hard to be even-handed and fair when reporting on today’s most important issues. Jonathan Karl at ABC is one of these intrepid souls, and he recently proved his mettle (and integrity) when he confronted the liberal politician du jour, Senator [score]Christopher Murphy[/score] (D-CT). Murphy became a media darling last week when he momentarily held a talking filibuster in an effort to draw attention to the Left’s perceived need for more gun control. Murphy demanded that the GOP begin meeting with and compromising on America’s right to self-defense and their right to own/carry a firearm.

While the GOP quickly (and quietly) caved to Murphy’s demands and will indeed discuss new restrictions on the 2nd Amendment, ABC’s Jonathan Karl wasn’t so quick to fold under the liberal pressure to “do something” about guns. In fact, Karl held Murphy’s feet to the fire by calling out the Senator’s anti-gun proposals as completely ineffective. Karl even pointed out that every proposal being called for by the left would have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop any mass shooting in recent American history.

Jonathan Karl: But you specifically are pushing a bill and have been pushing a bill and it will be voted on on Monday to close the so-called gun show loophole. 

Would that have done anything to stop the massacre in Orlando? 

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Chris Murphy: So it may — yes, it may have in the sense that if you partner it together with a bill that stops terrorists from…

Jonathan Karl: But wait a minute, he didn’t buy those guns at a — at a gun show. And he would’ve passed a background — he did pass a background check.

Chris Murphy: He did pass a background check. But if the Feinstein bill was in effect, the FBI could have put him on the list of those who are prohibited from getting guns.

And what if he went into the gun store and was denied?

Then he could’ve just gone online or to a gun show and bought another one.

Jonathan Karl: OK, but what I’m trying to get at is we hear every time there’s one of these terrible tragedies — there’s these proposals. Your proposal would’ve done nothing in the case of Orlando. It would’ve done nothing to stop the killing in San Bernardino and in fact was — is unrelated to the killing in Newtown.

So why — I mean, why — I mean, why are we focusing on things that have nothing to do with the massacres that we are responding to?

That’s a great question Mr. Karl. Sadly, the left has no answer.

Here’s the video:

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