Reporter Calls Hillary Clinton “Tone Deaf” and her book “Mush”

The two reporters who wrote the popular book “Game Change” about the 2008 campaign for the Presidency, appeared on Charlie Rose to talk about the horrible, not-so-good week that Hillary Clinton had. Mark Halperin and John Heilemann did not have much good to say about anything that Hillary Clinton has done recently. They slammed both her book and the way she handled herself on her media tour this week. Halperin indicated that he believed she was still the most likely person to be our next President… but this week definitely showed that she was far from being a “sure thing.”

“I don’t think she’s handled things well at all this week. She was very rusty. Mark said earlier he thought the book… was ‘mush and the interview was ‘tone deaf,’ I thought that was probably true. I’m not through the whole book yet, but I think those are both accurate.

I don’t what Hillary Clinton would have said if she had been asked detailed questions — ‘Well, how many houses did you have?’ And: ‘If you were so broke, why exactly did you buy one house across the street from the British Embassy and another in Westchester County?’ … Had she been hit with the hardest set of questions you could imagine, with a bulldog-ish set of questions, I don’t know what she would have done.”

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(Also, is it just me… or does it seem at times that Charlie Rose looks like he is about to fall asleep? This is his show, right? Shouldn’t he seem a bit more interested in what’s going on? Wake up, Charlie!)

Beyond that, Heilemann is right. Hillary was “tone deaf” and her book might as well be compost. But there is more to the story… we got to see a bit of the “real” Hillary Clinton this week, and it was ugly. She is aloof, uncaring and completely disconnected from most of America. Hillary Clinton epitomizes what the political class has become about in recent years…they are a new aristocracy and the Clintons (and the Bush’s for that matter) are the new Kennedy’s. They don’t know what it’s like to be an average American, and therefore they make horrible representatives of the people.

Here’s hoping that her recent train wreck of a week is a sign of things to come. The sooner we’re done with the Clintons, the better off America will be.

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