Report: Trump Reveals Date to Sign GOP Tax Overhaul

Politics are all about strategy and President Trump has proven to be quite the genius.

According to a Bloomberg report, the president will be signing the GOP’s congressional tax reform law after the holidays, on January 3rd.

He is reportedly waiting to sign the controversial (but good) legislation order to avoid the automatic cuts that would take place to several programs, such as Medicare.

IJR reports: 

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The House and Senate just passed a final version of tax reform on Wednesday, after both chambers offered their own versions of the bill. While it’s unclear how the final version would affect spending levels, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the House’s previous version would spend enough to trigger a four percent, or $25 billion, cut to Medicare.

Up until this point, the White House was pushing hard for the tax reform to be finished, passed by the House, and then signed by Trump for Christmas.  This was in an effort for people to start seeing bigger checks as soon as February.

Aside from the reports that Trump “wanted to avoid cuts to a controversial entitlement program by postponing his signature,” there is no other apparent reason for the delay.

Trump is set to sign the bill just one day after Democratic Senator Al Franken is set to resign, on January 2nd. Whether or not Franken will stay true to his word and vacate his seat at that point is another story.

While this is not as early as we’d hoped, I think I speak for many when I say THANK GOD IT’S HAPPENING.

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