Report: The FBI Secret Society Is Acknowledged in the FBI Text Messages

We already knew there was an FBI secret society just as there is one in the IRS, the EPA, and all other Federal bureaucracies.

What is surprising about the FBI secret society is not that it exists but that it is acknowledged by members of it on their text messages. We already know from experience with Fast and Furious, and the IRS scandal, that virtually all federal bureaucracies are run by cadres of secret societies. When Congress tries the get information out of them, they are powerless to do so.

But up till now, no one would admit the truth.

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PJ Media reports, “Claim: Page and Strzok Referenced FBI ‘Secret Society’ that Met the Day After the Election.

“We knew that Strzok and Page had an intense anti-Trump bias and that’s okay so long as they check it at the door and do their job,” Ratcliffe said. “But we learned today in the thousands of text messages that we reviewed that perhaps they may not have done that.”

Ratcliffe went on to mention one particular text message that referenced a “secret society” at the Bureau. “We know about this insurance policy that was referenced in trying to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president,” he began. “We learned today about information in the immediate aftermath of his election that there may have been a ‘secret society’ of folks within the Department of Justice and the FBI to include Page and Strzok that would be working against him.”

McCallum’s interest was piqued. She asked Gowdy for additional details.

“You have this insurance policy in the Spring of 2016 and then the day after the election  … there’s a text exchange between these two FBI agents — these two (supposed to be objective, fact-centric) FBI agents saying, ‘perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society,'” Gowdy explained. “So of course I’m gonna want to know what ‘secret society’ are you talking about — because you’re supposed to be investigating objectively the person who just won the Electoral College.”

He added, “Yeah, I’m gonna want to know.”

This whole report is interesting, but I queued the video to play the remarks about a secret society.

Read the entire story.

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