Report: Statistics Show That Media Has Falsely Labeled Trump Voters as Racists

As a Trump voter, you know full well that neither you nor your fellow Trumpers are racists. Naturally, the media has portrayed you as racist, anyway. But now, a new study shows that even many of the statistics the media has used to “prove” Trump voters are racists proves no such thing.

A report at Campus Reform reveals the facts that many left-wing media types refuse to believe. A new study by Columbia University sociologist, Musa al-Gharbi, has taken a look at how Trump voters are portrayed in the media and it found that real facts are rarely represented in the fake news the media doles out on a daily basis. The truth is, Trump and his voters are constantly misrepresented.

I know. For that we must put on our *shocked* face, right?

According to Campus Reform:

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One example of this phenomena can be seen in the April 2017 Washington Post article “Racism motivated Trump voters more than authoritarianism,” by Thomas Wood, who teaches political science classes at Ohio State University.

While Wood cites survey data to claim that Trump voters were especially motivated by racism, a closer analysis by al-Gharbi reveals that Wood’s arguments about Trump voters can’t be substantiated from the data cited in the article.

“According to Wood’s own data, whites who voted for Trump are perhaps less racist than those who voted for Romney,” al-Gharbi explains, adding that “not only were they less authoritarian than Romney voters, but less racist too!”

“Unfortunately, Wood declined to consider how Trump voters differed from Romney voters…instead focusing on the gap between Democrats and Republicans in 2016, in the service of a conclusion his data do not support,” he adds.

This uncharitable misrepresentation of data is one of many ways that Trump voters are marred by researchers, al-Gharbi says, asserting that the “evidence suggests that the role of race has been widely overblown and misunderstood with respect to Trump’s victory.”

Al-Gharbi went on to insist that Trump and his voters are not some “mysterious exotic demonic force” and the media needs to top dividing the country with these fake studies and slanted “news” reports.

The Columbia University sociologist went on to offer some ideas about “fact checkers” for this sort of stuff, but with that he is giving the liberal news media far too much credit. The media does not want to portray Trump voters fairly, The media wants to demonize Trump voters. The media wants to destroy the credibility of all center right people. The media is not interested in “news.” The media has an agenda and warping studies to “prove” that their own preconceived notions are “correct” is all they intend to do.

No amount of “fact checking” will deter the left from trying to destroy you, America. For them that is a holy cause.

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