Report: Rep. John Conyers Showed Up for Meeting in His Skivvies

According to a new report by Melanie Sloan, Rep. John Conyers once showed up for a meeting in just his skivvies.

Sloan, who used to serve as the top lawyer for Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee, claims that she  “walked into his office having been called up to brief him on something and he was walking around in his underwear.”

Of course she was taken aback and startled by the scene and quickly left (likely with her face burning).

“I was pretty taken aback to see my boss half-dressed,” Sloan said, “I turned on my heel and I left.”

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Sloan is not accusing the Democratic representative of sexual harassment (although it would likely be an easy case if she did, in today’s society) however, she says that he did verbally abuse her when she worked for him.

“There was an occasion where he called me out of a meeting with a bunch of advocates and was screaming at me in the halls, including [about] me not wearing stockings on a 95-degree Washington summer day … while he wasn’t wearing socks,” she continued, “I was dismissed and told I must be mentally unstable.”

Breitbart reports: 

Conyers’ attorney, Arnold Reed, claimed that the Michigan Democrat “has never done anything inappropriate to Melanie Sloan.”

The House Ethics Committee announced that it would investigate Conyers after a BuzzFeed News report revealed that Conyers’ congressional office paid a former female staffer $27,000 of taxpayer funds to settle a sexual harassment claim.

Reed said Conyers, the longest-serving House member, is innocent and that the lawmaker will not resign despite the House Ethics Committee’s investigation into his alleged misconduct.

My question is: “Why was he in his underwear?”

He accused her of being mentally unstable for wearing stocking in the summer, yet he was waking around his dang office in his underwear! Is he senile? On drugs? What is it?

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